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Terms and Conditions 2004 - 2013

Photographs on this website site belong to Danum-Photos.

All these pictures are of low resolution. High Resolution pictures are for sale, most are about 4mb and supplied as a jpeg.

You are VERY welcome to make donations for your photos. This will help us to add more and more photos to this site.

Purchase of the images gives once-off rights unless otherwise arranged with the vendor. Copyright of the photos remains with the photographer.

copyright 2004 - 2013 Danum Photos -  Commercial copying, hiring, lending is prohibited.

 Photographs may not be used in any printed, published media whatsoever including webpages, brochures, newspapers, magazines or newsletters without prior written permission.

Information on this website mostly comes from Wikipedia

 Danum Photos shall not be responsible for any errors and omissions contained in this website.

Some features of this website are provided by third party vendors, such as FreeFind Search feature, PayPal payment feature and the Tracker on the home page and Google. We are not responsible for any data gathered by this third party software. However, we may analyse the results of the search engine to improve our website.

Neither Danum Photos nor Rich primary sITes knowingly or deliberately collect any personal information from any visitors to this site.

Use of this website and use of the photos acknowledges acceptance of all these terms and conditions.

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